How Was Immediate V1 Intal Created?

Introducing our Founding Team

Immediate V1 Intal was established by a group of four highly skilled quants, boasting a collective experience of 20 years in the fast-paced realm of Wall Street. Our visionary founders are driven by a singular mission - to provide a cutting-edge platform that empowers novice investors to harness the formidable potential of data-driven investing.

Over time, our team has flourished, expanding to include 15 formidable quants and 4 seasoned crypto analysts. As we continue to grow, we eagerly seek out the finest talents to join our ranks. At Immediate V1 Intal, our dynamic team is tirelessly crafting new tools and resources, enabling newcomers to seize the burgeoning opportunities presented by the ever-evolving crypto markets.

About our Company

Operating under the umbrella of a distinguished global crypto trading company, Immediate V1 Intal is proudly spearheaded by its London-based subsidiary. With a proven track record, we have successfully developed five exceptional white-label solutions tailored for the FX and stock trading industry. Now, Immediate V1 Intal marks our inaugural foray into the B2C crypto trading domain.

Since its inception, the Immediate V1 Intal project has thrived, consistently delivering outstanding results. Our unwavering commitment to advancement ensures that we continually enhance our offerings, maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Embark on your crypto trading journey by registering with us and gain access to our revolutionary suite of innovative tools.

Why Was Immediate V1 Intal Created?

The creation of Immediate V1 Intal stemmed from the founders' desire to establish a hub for crypto enthusiasts to delve into the intricacies of Bitcoin, explore diverse trading strategies, and embark on a seamless Bitcoin trading journey.

Since its inception, this platform has been driven by the goal of empowering traders to cultivate their own unique trading styles, identify preferred Bitcoin pairs, and establish personalized parameters to execute trades with utmost flexibility.

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